Cast Iron Gibs

  • DETCO Cast Iron Gibs are used in Metal Stamping Presses, Molds, & Dies around the world in a wide variety of industries
  • Guide & control linear motion
  • Oil grooves are machined into the part to facilitate lubrication and ease of motion
  • Machined or precision ground
Cast Iron Gibs

Rulon / Turcited Gibs

  • DETCO adheres to rulon and turcite to gibs, then machines and grinds to customer specifications
  • Rulon and turcite gibs perform exceptionally well under heavy loads and provide more extensive lubrication and friction resistance than standard gibs
Rulon Gibs

Bronze Gibs

  • Bronze gibs are used in conjunction with other types of gibs for wear resistance and as a compliment to steel or cast iron
Bronze Gibs